Radio Studio Equipment (On Air)

Radio Studio make use of high quality broadcasting equipment and install top of the range components and brands. We design and construct the studio room/s and fit it with the furnisher and equipment that will result in an attractive radio studio.

Radio Studio Equipment
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Radio Production Equipment (Editing)

We craft the production room with attention to insolation, aquistics and the latest technology. This indudes the installation of the room, edit/record desk, mixer console and PC based audition suite. Both PC and MAC systems are considered based on the users' desired functionality and level of experience with the operating systems.
Radio Production Equipment
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FM Transmission System

Our line of transmission equipement allow the customer various analogue and digital broadcsting and linking options. With our assistance you will be able to self provide your signal by means of an ECNS license. This will enable you to self-distribute your FM and STL brodcasting services.

Radio Transmission Equipment
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Outside Broadcast Equipment / System

In order for your station to have outside broadcsting capabilities we offer equipment that will link you from any remote location to the studio. These broadcast links are offered in various types: #1. ISDN Audio Codecs; #2. IP Audio Codecs; #3. RF Outside Broadcast Links.

Radio Studio can also install complete outside broadcasting studios in your panel, thus building a mobile studio with full broadcasting and production capabilities. These vans are normally also used for marketing the radio station by means of full or partial wrapping (branding) of the vehicle.

Outside Broadcast Equipment
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Radio Studio Equipment (On Air)

The radio station's on air system consists of professional broadcassting microphones, radio automation (playout system), mixer console (analogue and digital) and all the needed additional control like final program processing and limiting.

Analogue Broadcasting Consoles

Digital Broadcasting Consoles


Radio Automation System