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Founding Background

Radio Studio was founded by Mr. Andre Swartz in 2007, he is the Managing Director of the company. There are no less than 15 years of radio experience in the company, that is constantly busy developing new methods and systems to impliment in the radio industry. Andre started his studies in TV & Radio Electronics and Industrial Electronics before he joined Radio KC, a community radio station in Paarl to pursuit the dream of radio broadcasting and engeneering. After being involved in Radio KC for seven years he relocated to Pretoria to take up the responsibility of Radio Pulpit's Technical Manager in charge of maintaining and developing its studios and radio infrastructure. Thereafter he joined Triple M Productions (SABC Production Contractor) to resume technical and production / engineering duties. Three years later he took charge of Radio Graaff-Reinet who almost lost its broadcasting service license due to non-complience with ICASA license regulations. As the Station Manager he teamed up with Triple M Productions who successfully convinsed ICASA not to revoke Radio Graaff-Reinet's license.

Company Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide new and upcoming radio service providers with the relevant guidance, tools and services to build and sustain radio stations that will have a developmental impact on listeners on a daily basis. Our vision is to be the preferred mentor and service provider to help startup radio stations as well as to develop new systems for existing stations.

What we offer

As mentioned we consult new radio stations from starting a company to planning and physically building the studios to meet their requirements and satisfaction. Assisting with the application process in part or completely on request of the client, this will include the application for an ECNS (Electronic Communications Network Service) license. This license will allow the radio station to self distribute and operate its own transmission equipment. Over time the radio station will save R100,000's operating its own transmission equipment. With that in mind it is best to purchase your own transmitter, STL, and supporting equipment to make self-distribution a reality. Stations that do not have an ECNS license is forced by their license conditions to appoint a signal distributor. In most cases stations are reffered to Sentech, catagory 1 government owned signal distributor that is also VERY expensive. Various monthly fees wil be charged for the rental of their transmitter, stl and high site facility (mast).

Now consider our services. We do all the spectrum / coverage planning and apply on your behalf / with your assistance for your (station's) ECNS license, you purchase a (once-off) STL link and FM transmitter from us at a cost of about R120,000. Thereafter you do not pay any monthly fees, you will only pay for quarterly maintenance and check-ups. These maintenance sessions usually take about one to three hours and should not be priced too high. We will maintain your equipment within technical specifications and report to ICASA regarding your technical matters as required or requested.

The other side of our turnkey service is that we plan, construct and install fully furnished radio studios. We use top of the range broadcast quality studio equipment imported and supplied locally. Thereafter we install the RF equipment to the specifications of your broadcasting license.

Turnkey service offering

Application to CIPC for a NPC Company
Project and Technical Planning
Application for Broadcasting License
Application for Project Funding
Theoretical Radio Training
Application for ECNS License
Constructing the Studios
Installing the Transmission System
9 Practical Radio Training
10 Final preparations to "On Air" date

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding our services as outlined above.

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