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Radio Studio make use of high quality broadcasting equipment and install top of the range components and brands.

Custom Radio Studio Design
We design FM radio studio systems using only high rated broadcasting equipment. This indudes the construction of the room, studio desk, mixer console and playout automation.

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DCE50 - 50 Watt RDS FM Transmitter... Used On Air for under a month!
The DCE50 is a state of the art FM radio transmitter designed to be the core of every radio station. Achieving perfect audio quality was our main goal, which means that no matter if your FM station is 50W or 10kW, no compromise should be when dealing with audio quality.

The improved Stereo encoder, use a DSP technology with over sampling, to ensure excellent performance starting from low distortion, accurate channel separation and stable pilot tone, an external MPX generator, external RDS/SCA generator or audio processor can be connected to the MPX IN BNC connector to bypass all internal audio chain.

At factory default, all internal modules - the audio chain, limiter, stereo encoder, RDS and 1W PLL exciter module including the final stage Low Pass Filter (LPF) already connected and tuned for maximum performance without any need for user tuning. From the 1W exciter module (TX190) the signal goes to the amplifier section that run by MRF173 that make 80W output power (typical 50W) and controlled by the digital controller inside the transmitter.

Selling Price: R15,000.00

STL10 - Studio to Transmitter Link System... Brand New Unit!


We have this UHF STL link available, preset at 460MHz ready for use.

Fully Digital with LCD Control
Analogue Balanced (XLR L/R inputs)
BNC MPX in/out
RF Output Power: 15Watt
Antenna Connector: N 50 ohm
Audio Response: 20Hz - 53kHz
Further details available on request

Selling Price: R32,500.00
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Product Partners
We boast a host of product partners from South Africa, Italy, Turkey, Israel, USA, China, UK and various other parts of the world supplying high quality broadcast equipment and related components.