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Our range of custom radio services make us the ideal provider to assist you to plan your radio service from A to Z and assist in getting your broadcasting license. We will get everything built, tested and on the air. Here is a summary of our services that will get your station on air:

Group of Companies

The Electronic Media group of companies are ready to design FM radio studio systems using only high rated broadcasting equipment. This indudes the construction of the room, studio desk, installing mixer console and playout automation. We futhermore supply all the needed studio and broadcasting equipment. Our pool of experience enable us to consult and guide new radio stations to be on the air in the least possible time.

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Another Satisfied Radio Station... in South Africa

We started Jan 2012 with our NPC’s registration, while busy with planning, we believe God send us to Andre Swartz from Digital Radio. We started with a couple of phone calls, he advise us exactly what to do and the correct procedures to start our community radio.

Step after step, Andre committed his time and energy to help us get all the documentations ready for the ICASA application. This was a challenging time for me personally, but Andre stood by me, encouraging me all the way, phone calls, sms’s and emails, inspiring me through the long wait for our licenses.

Finally we received our licenses 14 November and start broadcasting 22 December 2012

Barend Fourie
Managing Director (Life FM)

Visit Life FM | http://www.lifefm.co.za | Facebook | Listen Live |

Another Satisfied Radio Station... in Kenya

Premier secular urban radio station in Kenya outside Nairobi, Urban Radio 102.5 FM is designed to inform and entertain the discerning, forward-thinking and aspirational people of Western Kenya and South Rift. Urban Radio is a product of in-depth research and radio experience to afford advertisers quality and unrivalled talk time to a prime market that was previously untapped.

Region Quick Facts

- Home to approximately one-third of the country’s population which represents a massive market both in scale and untapped opportunity
- 9 flights by four airlines (KQ, 540, Jambo Jet, SkyAero) daily to Kisumu International Airport
- Over 20 upscale malls heavily patronized by locals
- Multiple Tourist attraction sites and resorts
- Over 25 tertiary institutions with a population of over 60,000 students drawn from all over the country
- An exuberant, growing, cosmopolitan middle and upper lower class (30%)

Digital Radio was commissioned to supply Urban Radio with a STL Link, x2 high gain Yagis, Stacked Dipole FM Antenna System, Feeders, Grounding (with lLightning Protection), Waterproofing and other related components.
Visit Urban Radio | http://www.urbanradio.co.ke | Facebook | Listen Live |


A new Radio Station in the Western Cape, South Africa
Digital Radio was approached by Hannes Smal a member of the community of Caledon, a small town in the Western Cape of South Africa. We consulted them whereafter we commenced with Phase1 (Technical Survey) during October 2014 and immediately thereafter (Phase2) the license application stage. Digital Radio with the cooperation of the board of directors of Caledon FM compiled the following license applications:

1) Class Service License;
2) FM Spectrum License (x2 frequencies);
3) STL Spectrum; and
4) ECNS License

On 15 May 2015 Caledon received confirmation from ICASA that its license application to operate a community radio station was sucessful.
Visit Caledon FM | http://www.caledonfm.co.za | Facebook | Listen Live |



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We consult radio stations to determine the viability of the service in their target area, this may include various levels of research ranging from business viability to coverage prediction, licence submission and all technical matters. We advise ststions to consider self provision of their broadcast and link signals, this is achieved by meeting the legal requirements, purchasing tansmission equipment and operating it within technical specifications.

Our method to assist your new radio station(s) to get ON AIR include:

Phase 1 - Technical Study... (This we consider as the most vital part of all planning prior to submitting documents to ICASA)
i) Frequency Availability is determined
ii) Sites of both studio and transmitter are identified
iii) STL Line of Sight or repeater configurations are determined
iv) Basic Coverage Predictions of both FM and STL signals
v) Determine antenna configuration
vi) Consider technical and environmental impact and variables

Phase 2 - Licence Application Assistance
i) We provide you with a detailed list to indicate the required documents you need to produce/collect (eg. IDs, NPO Reg documents etc)
ii) You will get a set list of tasks to gain information required for the application (eg. signatures, local letters of support)
iii) After collecting all the needed documents and information that will serve as attachments we will assist with the compilation of the licence application books
iv) Licence submissions will be made for: (a) Broadcast Service Licence, (b) FM Spectrum Licence, (c) STL Spectrum Licence and (d) ECNS Licence. It is our pleasure to motivate stations to secure their own ECNS to provide their own signal distribution, this will spare stations the threatening pressure caused by a HIGH monthly signal distribution bill or from being cut off due to the inability to keep up with such payments.

Phase 3 - Equipment Supply and Installation
i) After verifying approval of the licences from ICASA we will provide all the studio and transmission equipment
ii) Conduct installation phase of all components
iii) Testing studio and transmitters

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Radio License Application

We consult and assist radio stations to prepare and apply to ICASA for a sound broadcasting licence in order to operate a community or commercial radio service. Our one stop service include all the administrative and technical research / preparation that is required to complete the radio application documents. As mentioned we do the technical planning to ensure the station will comply with the Authority's requirements to self provide their broadcast and stl signals.

License Application Forms:

Please call us if you require any assistance with completing these documents, however we recommend you contact us to consult you on matters relating to:

a) Legal Requirements
b) Non Profit Company (NPC) Registration and Constitution matters
c) FM Frequency availability
d) Signal Coverage Prediction
e) Self provisioning of your broadcast signal
f) Community type (Community of Interest vs Geographically Founded Community)
g) Support and motivation for your new broadcasting service
h) Preparation of application
i) Submission of Applications



Radio Studio - Design & Construction

Do not settle for anything less than our professional architectural designs and construction standards. Radio Studio is ensuring your safety and the quality of of construction by deploying leading structural engineers. We design and construct all the radio offices but with particular focus on the broadcast and production rooms that will require sound isolation and absorption. Our team make use of special construction and aquistic materials for the best possible aquistic envirnoment in the studio. These floor and studio plans can be professionally developed from a rough draft designed by the radio management (client) for further developed according building legislation.

Typical 2D and 3D floor / room designs:



Radio Coverage Prediction Maps

Coverage prediction is very important in planning any radio station. Most coverage modules are modest with their predictions showing where the signal will reach at above 54dBμV. Normally the actual covarage is better than the prediction seeing that signal lower than 54dBμV is present beyond the displayed coverage, this is seen as a weaker signal but will still reproduce the radio signal. The map further show the areas that will be covered, the distance of coverage from the transmitter and various other types of technical detail. It is always a good thing to show advertisers this map for them to see the areas your radio station is able to reach.



Transmission Equipment - Supply and Installation

Radio Studio source its transmission equipment direct from manufacturers based in South Africa, Israel, Turkey, USA and Slovenia. Deploying only state of the art and very reliable transmission equipment ranging from 1W-20kW FM transmitters, 5W-25W VHF/UHF STL Systems but not without the standard components like masts, feeders, filters and antennas.

Radio Mast

FM Transmitter

Audio Processor

STL Link System



Outside Broadcast Systems

Outside Broadcast (O.B) equipment enable the radio studio to become mobile and broadcast from beyond the radio station. This format of broadasting normally involve mobile/temporary equipment that is setup at a remote location. No matter if it is indoor or outdoor, the outside broadcast enable the community to see their favourite presenter on-air up close and personal. It is common for radio stations to broadcast live from events, venues hosting important or well-known speakers or may be setup for live news coverage like the elections.

To make the outside broadcast possible the live programme source from the remote mixer console must be transported at the best possible quality to the studio wher it is routed to the transmitter for broadcasting. There are various ways of transporting the live programme to the studio, some methods are more expensive than others while some yeald a high transfer rateand quality while other deliver low and poor transfer quality.

Remote Programme Transport methods:

1. Satellite
3. Audio Streaming
4. AoIP


Radio Broadcast Training

1. Presenting & Producing

In this programme you will learn about the world of a radio presenter. You will learn how to prepare yourself for going onto the radio, and how to act while on air. You will also learn about the work needed to ensure a successful radio show, scripting and compiling a radio show. Here you will learn how to compile and present the most common radio segments like news, weather and sport.

Entrance Requirements
Basic Literacy Skills and Computer literacy

Programme Outcomes

* The history of radio
* The basics of radio broadcasting
* Characteristics of radio
* Understanding radio as a medium
* Key Steps to produce radio programmes
* Programme planning for radio
* Radio programme research
* Interviewing skills
* Selecting the right Recording equipment
* Operating a Studio
* Presenting a radio show
* Scripting for radio

2. Technical training

It is important for every presenter to know how the studio and its equipment work in order for them to operate these devices to broadcast using sources like the computer automation system, cd player, microphone amd telephone hybrid. Much more technical attention will be needed for the typical maintenance team responsible for the IT, studio maintenance, sound and outside broadcast technicians.

Programme Outcomes

* Basic studio training
* Networking of PCs
* Understanding the radio block diagram and wiring schematics
* Basic troubleshooting in the studio
* Installing new equipment
* Identifying connectors and cable making
* Radio Theory (propagation of sound and electromagnetic waves)
* Components of Basic Electronics
* Interconnecting studios
* Outside Broadcast wiring/connectivity
* Basic operation of a FM transmitter
* STL Systems